The benefits of a thorough process

So we’ll take it as read that a thorough recruitment process is much more likely to land an effective employee than one that is unplanned, unstructured and ad-hoc but there are other real tangible benefits to having a well thought through and structured process. For us, they are:

  • Its great personalised PR to others in your market. If you do a great job of hiring people, even those that are rejected at the end of it will be left with a positive impression and the likelihood is, they’ll know someone who you would like to hire, now or in the future.
  • It tells the market that you are a serious and professional business that takes care and interest in all that it does.
  • It’s a lot easier to effectively on-board a new employee when you know quite a lot about them. Tailoring the plan to the individual’s psychometric profile, added to the knowledge gleaned from the interview can work wonders in ensuring staff join happy and stay happy. Proper On-Boarding can be make or break for both the company and the individual.