Psychometric testing is aimed at understanding an individual’s personality type and to be effective, you really need to understand both yours and others in the business. They are very good in helping understand how to motivate and influence and if everyone knows everyone else’s profile, it will help build a common language that makes communication and management much simpler.

As far as assessing a candidates suitability for a role, psychometric tests should be used in conjunction with the other assessment tools, hopefully as confirmation that what you’ve seen in interview is what you’ll be getting in behaviours and values. If the two are massively out of alignment then perhaps a candidate is acting a part. If that’s the case then it’s an awkward one but we’d caution against hiring. It’s fine to be your best but it’s not fine to be someone else, the truth will out and it won’t do anyone any favours.

Common profiling tools are available from DISC, Myers Briggs, Thomas International, Saville and Holdsworth, Insights amongst others. You’ll find many other tools have been developed by these companies to help identify specific personality types for roles where that’s important. There are also team and management related tools available. Our advice would be: Use one company in everything and the common language build up will be much faster.