Qualification Test Engineer

The world of energy is changing fast and no more so in its use in vehicles. In the future our reliance on traditional carbon energy sources will continue to diminish in favour of cleaner solutions and as we explore the opportunities to power personal transport, we can also explore the opportunity to power industrial vehicles, particularly as they become increasingly autonomous.

We’re working with an amazing company at the forefront of this revolution. Scoping, designing, developing and manufacturing power solutions for integration into the new wave of industrial robots and AV’s as well as more traditional driver-controlled vehicles. It’s an exciting time to be in this space with investment and interest across the sector at record highs opportunities abound for individuals to develop amazing, challenging and rewarding careers at its forefront.

The role of Qualification Test Engineer is unusual in that the task is to ensure that the system software elements allow efficient operation of the Power Supply. So, the skills we’re after on this one are:

  • Embedded application level qualification and communication protocol qualification.
  • Great communication skills including ability to document or specify work, track progress/issues against the plan, and explain capabilities/limitations for the product of different releases of software.
  • Understanding of how to design tests to exercise SW functions on hardware.
  • Experience in Software and Hardware in the loop
  • Experience of C, code generators, Static Analysers/MISRA standard, Scripting Python/Ruby/Perl/Bash/Batch and Windows development of Test tools using C++/C#/etc
  • Application level testing of SW derived functions
  • Relevant degree or appropriate educational attainment

Being part of this couldn’t be easier, just send a copy of your CV to us and we’ll work with you on the next steps.